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Media technologies provide a broad variety of platforms for business to engage with consumers in new ways. Right from virtual reality medical simulators used in medical associations, to internet streaming video solutions that make it feasible to watch the hottest blockbuster video at home, videos technology can assist businesses reach their customers over a whole new level.

In contrast to classic media such as printed catalogs, newspapers and magazines that utilizes analog broadcasting models, new press uses digital computer technology pertaining to distribution. Instances of new information include the Net, websites, pc multimedia, online video games and Blu-ray disks. In addition, it includes digitized and converged forms of classic media such as television programs, feature movies and music CDs.

Although the term new media happens to be associated with cyberculture, scholars currently have argued the reason is more accurate to consider it like a broad term to describe ethnical objects that use digital software for distribution and exhibition. They have also outlined the positive cultural implications of new media.

Furthermore to allowing people to communicate with each other all over the world, new information can create a perception of community and a sense of belonging for individuals that share prevalent interests through blogs, message boards and great example of such. This is especially true belonging to the rise of online communities such as Facebook and Twitter. It is often suggested the potential for these kind of communities and the capacity to connect with persons from across the world has the capacity to change the nature of society.

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